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If you have not heard this name before then you were in dark or out of this world as they have been manufacturing footwear specifically for women's since 1961. Their main goal is to provide as much comfort as they can so that you don't feel uncomfortable when going to a job or if you have to stand longer hours at your work. This brand was actually heaven for nurses and doctors, as they have been keeping nursing safety standards for a long time. It actually doesn't matter you are not a nurse, it can be worn by anyone. These shoes are mostly worn by waiters, doctors, nurses, bartenders, teachers, security guards or any other job that require you to stand on your feet for long duration.
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The most stylish nursing shoe!! I am a new nursing student therefore I wanted to have a cute looking shoe which should be comfy too. Tricia has fulfilled all my requirements. It is not only comfy but also really very cute! All my friends praised my new shoe when I wore them for the first time. Many of them have bought it after seeing it in my feet. It looks so stylish which adds confidence in my personality. Life was never so perfect. I feel that few of my colleagues also got jealous with this shoe of mine. This is the best working shoe of mine because others are not stylish just comfy. No one has ever met my demands the way Tricia have. It is very durable. I walk and run in these and it never ever broke. I feel like wearing it for years. Its white color looks very spiritual and cute with my uniform. It's the best work shoe I have ever own. Life is very beautiful now.

Just like other Nurse Made shoes it also features the floater and tumbled leather which is durable and also makes it comfy. Shock absorbing comfort will make you feel so relaxed and your feet will always remain soft. it has 2 inch heel which makes your walk stable and attractive. Now you can look stylish and trendy on work too. Old days are gone. I also like like Asics GT 2170, Wear Tricia and feel relaxed, comfy and confident!! It is the best work shoe one can ever have. It is the dream shoe of all the ladies.

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